Advanced Radar Research Center,University of Oklahoma(ARRC)--俄克拉荷马大学先进雷达研究中心



  The ARRC consists of a vibrant group of faculty and students from both engineering and meteorology, focused on solving challenging radar problems and preparing the next generation of students. Through the collaborative nature instilled in its members, the ARRC has proven effective at developing synergy between science and engineering in the field of radar. In the National Weather Center and in its extensive laboratory and radar facilities, meteorology and engineering faculty and students work side-by-side to learn from each other and to tackle tough problems in remote sensing, microwave engineering, and applied electromagnetics. This interdisciplinary esprit de corps has already had a profound effect on both the undergraduate and graduate educational experiences in radar provided to OU students.

  The ARRC is involved in many aspects of radar research applied to studies of the atmosphere. Topics range from sophisticated radar signal processing to precipitation microphysical studies. The list below provides a sampling of the many possible topics of study.

  Research Thrusts:

  Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Science

  Radar and Microwave System Engineering

  Applied Electromagnetics and Advanced Packaging

  Communications and Radar Signal Processing