Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research,Cochin University of Science and Technology--科钦科技大学大气雷达高级研究中心



  The aim of ACARR is to provides modern sophisticated observational facilities to continuously monitor the Earth' s atmosphere, including advanced radars, LIDARS, SODARS, GPS sonde, flux measurement systems, integrated sounding systems, etc. These facilities allow investigators, mainly Indian scientists, get the detailed information and necessary data for their research programs and can incorporate in numerical weather predictions.

  The ACARR investigates major processes important to climate change and atmospheric dynamics in the troposphere and lower stratosphere of the Earth atmosphere. Regional climate modeling studies are also undertaken to understand the regional variability and changes in the tropical climate and identify suitable methods of adaptation techniques.


  To develop the Centre into an institution of national importance with international standards;

  To provide the actual users from Universities, Colleges, other academic institutions, R&D establishments and industries with advanced information and facilities relating to Atmospheric Sciences

  To undertake research and development activities in the field of Radar Technology and Applications/Climate Science/ Atmospheric Sciences and other related subjects;

  To generate and disseminate knowledge in the field of Meteorology/ Atmospheric Sciences in tandem with other disciplines with a view to encourage interdisciplinary studies;

  To conduct Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Summer/ Winter Schools, Training Programmes, etc. in Radar Applications/ Meteorology/ Atmospheric Sciences and related areas;

  To collect, archive and distribute the observational information to the scientific users and maintain Data bank;

  To publish research papers, Monographs, books, reports, Bulletins and periodicals and other literature relating to Radar observations and applications /Meteorology/ Atmospheric Sciences ;

  To encourage taking up projects this will motivate young researchers for undertaking research in Radar Meteorology/ Atmospheric/ Climate Sciences to scientific and academic development.

  To develop training modules and to undertake training in the area of Radar Technology/Meteorology/ Atmospheric Sciences right to professionals in the field of Climate Change, Atmospheric Modeling, etc.